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Is Puzzllotto Over?

United Lemur posted a new comment on Twitter today. It’s not a new hint (disappointing) – no, it’s an announcement of a potential victory.

Congratulations to Dave H. from Portland, the new Puzzllotto Champion — subject to third-party verification, as per the official rules.

It’s hard to believe that the puzzle was solved so soon. Actually, it’s very hard to believe. We’ll see if this claim passes “third-party verification”.


Ubuntu 8.10 – Lifehacker Overview

Quick note to everyone who may be following Ubuntu’s progress: Lifehacker has a thorough overview of the changes included in Intrepid Ibex. Major changes include removing the xorg.conf file (finally!!) and immediate support for multiple monitors.

The xorg.conf file was probably the worst part of my Ubuntu experience; it’s basically a plaintext file that controls hardware options. If you screw something up in the file, you’ll have to fix it without a GUI. Also, if you had a second monitor plugged in during installation, neither monitor displayed a picture. Sounds like they fixed both – but not before I went back to XP. It’s a great OS, but you have to manually edit so much to make it function. Windows isn’t much better; OS errors in Ubuntu are at least fixable, and they aren’t so big on tracking your every move (I’m looking at you Windows 7).

Check out the list of updates and new features: Ubuntu: A User’s Look at Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex. Ubuntu might be ready this time around…of course, I say that after every release.

Amazing Speakers – Vinyl Toys

If you own a computer, you probably own speakers. Those speakers are usually standard computer speakers that came with the monitor, or a boxy stereo setup. My computer setup falls into the latter category – it’s not elaborate, just one on each side of the monitor. Speakers usually look boring (boxes are simple shapes), but they get the job done. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something a little more charasmatic, a little more unique? I’ve done some searching and have discovered two very unique speaker sets. Continue reading

Puzzllotto – Twitter hint analysis

Puzzllotto is a five dollar puzzle application. The first user to “solve” the puzzle wins the prize – every day the prize is increased by $1000. If the puzzle is not solved in 30 days, the prize is donated to a charity. It’s been out there for about a week now, and so far no one has managed to solve it.

Honestly, I didn’t want to write about Puzzllotto. It’s gotten enough blog coverage as it is, and there isn’t much else to say about it. Still, there’s not much chatter about solving the game. I’m assuming that’s because those trying to solve the mystery don’t want to give their progress away. I’m not competing for the prize, so I don’t mind putting in my two cents.

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Tech Forums, think of the Googlers!

I’ve been using Google to search for computer answers for years now. I don’t have time to be an active member in dozens of forums, but it’s a huge time saver when my questions match those of the Original Poster. Many tech forum commenters don’t consider this, but you will get a continual influx of new excited members if your archived posts are helpful and polite. Or, you could leave your community stagnant by you create a negative environment for those casual searchers.

Here are two behaviors that could turn Googlers away from threads. Be warned!

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Windows Fixes – Flickering cursor in 3D

Why should running 3D games in fullscreen mean that Windows users can’t see their cursor? I’ve come up with a possible solution that you may not have considered before.

My computer was running Windows XP, and I was using a fairly new GeForce7600 graphics card. When I played 3D games in fullscreen, I did not have a cursor. Sound familiar? The solution is below if you want to skip ahead. Continue reading

Zombies!! Two Sets of Zombie Toys

Marvel Zombies is probably the most interesting comic book development I’ve come across. For those who haven’t heard of this series, Marvel Zombies takes place in an alternative dimension where a virus has transformed everyone – specifically the Marvel heroes and villains – into zombie forms of themselves. Marvel Zombies – Marvel Minimates has a tremendous set of minifigs based on the comic book series.

What reminded me of the Marvel Zombies? Continue reading