Amazing Speakers – Vinyl Toys

If you own a computer, you probably own speakers. Those speakers are usually standard computer speakers that came with the monitor, or a boxy stereo setup. My computer setup falls into the latter category – it’s not elaborate, just one on each side of the monitor. Speakers usually look boring (boxes are simple shapes), but they get the job done. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something a little more charasmatic, a little more unique? I’ve done some searching and have discovered two very unique speaker sets.


Purchase from Tainted Visions

Minigods are vinyl toys, crafted with built-in speakers by artist Marka27. The first series stands at 15 inches, and the second series at 17 inches. Large vinyl toys usually run on the expensive side, and these will put you out $120 each, making them fairly impractical as a true speaker solution if you’re not into the artistic merits of the figures. Looking at the design, it would be hard not to appreciate the design.

If you can’t tell, the speakers are fairly small and inserted into the waist of the figure. Too bad the other speakers adorning the headdress don’t also function, although that would be too much to ask for. So far, there are two models with several paint jobs on each.

I must say, the craftsmanship on these is fantastic. The urban vinyl look is always irresistible, but Marka27 has incorporated a unique tribal look that adds serious depth to the artwork. These figures are not lacking for details, and are worth the $120 if this is what you’ve been looking for. I’m not going to spend anywhere close to that amount on a single toy, but functionality mixed with a fantastic figure is hard to resist.

If you’re interested in reading the whole history of these toys, check out the series on Vinyl Pulse. You can watch the progression of the first series from sketches to 3D renderings to wax to final product.

DIY Munny Speakers

Munny Speakers from Instructables

Making your own vinyl toy speakers may sound like an impossible goal, but it’s less challenging than you’d think. Instructables has posted a project on how to make your own Munny speakers. I’ve seen the basic Munny toy at my local vinyl toy store before, and haven’t been too impressed. The toy was designed for modders, but I haven’t seen too much done with them. This project is the first one I’ve seen that wasn’t just a custom paint job.

The steps seem pretty simple. Basically, buy a vinyl figure with a large round head/body and a small speaker that would fit into it. Cut out a circle-shaped hole into the figure, and glue/solder the speaker into the hole. These speakers seem like a DIY project I can actually complete. The final result looks fantastic, and the materials are fairly inexpensive.

If you want to follow a similar project that just wrapped up a few months ago, check out The Munny Project. Actually, if you’re into Munny modding at all, you should view that website. They’ve got some awesome Munny projects other than the speaker set (the toilet Munny was my favorite).

If you’re worried that your Munny will topple over from the added weight, The Munny Project had a great suggestion: Fill the Munny with rocks, then with wax. This will make the toy less top-heavy (the wax keeps the rocks from vibrating while the speakers are in use).


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