Ubuntu 8.10 – Lifehacker Overview

Quick note to everyone who may be following Ubuntu’s progress: Lifehacker has a thorough overview of the changes included in Intrepid Ibex. Major changes include removing the xorg.conf file (finally!!) and immediate support for multiple monitors.

The xorg.conf file was probably the worst part of my Ubuntu experience; it’s basically a plaintext file that controls hardware options. If you screw something up in the file, you’ll have to fix it without a GUI. Also, if you had a second monitor plugged in during installation, neither monitor displayed a picture. Sounds like they fixed both – but not before I went back to XP. It’s a great OS, but you have to manually edit so much to make it function. Windows isn’t much better; OS errors in Ubuntu are at least fixable, and they aren’t so big on tracking your every move (I’m looking at you Windows 7).

Check out the list of updates and new features: Ubuntu: A User’s Look at Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex. Ubuntu might be ready this time around…of course, I say that after every release.


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