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Quick Update – Rav and Nash

Quick update: I’m putting together a separate site for my new webcomic Rav and Nash. Once the webcomic is up and running, Morscata12 will receive regular updates again.

If you have any formatting hints/suggestions for the new website, please leave a comment. Any help is greatly appreciated!


Rav and Nash – Art Update

Nash - Second RevisionI’ve moved development of my Rav and Nash cartoon into Flash. Vector art is a much cleaner alternative to my sloppy Photoshop sketches. My plan is to create cartoon editing software for standard 2D print comics). This software will allow me to move and pose characters in the scene, place scenery objects, and write dialogue bubbles. Once a comic has been staged, I will export it to this blog in either .PNG or .GIF format.

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Make Your Own Comics! Web-Based Comic Editor

Frank the Bunny is Friendly - Donnie Darko

Lifehacker recently posted a link to a fun web comic maker called Stripgenerator. With it, you can create fixed-width comic strips using stylish black-and-white (with an occasional red highlight) characters, shapes, and speech bubbles.

I’ve been having fun making some of my own comics, and you should too.

Contest Alert:
Post links to your own works in the comments! The best comic will be selected and featured on this blog next Tuesday. Have at it!

Onorio D’Epiro – Breaking into the Vinyl Industry

Plastic and Plush - Onorio D'EpiroOnorio Depiro is an artist from the UK, working on some rather striking artistic pieces. According to his page on WST Worldwide, he is trying to break into the vinyl toy industry by adapting a style of animation modelling to toy crafting.
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Player versus Environment – Scenes from Antarctica

Antarctica - The Big PictureIncidentally coinciding with the release of Wrath of the Lich King, The Big Picture has an amazing collection of photographs from Antarctica. Looking at the beautiful Antarctic landscape made me think about landscape in relation to video games. My conclusion:

Uninhabitable lands make for the best video game levels. They allow for vast variety (lava, ice, futuristic dystopia…). They give artists an avenue to show off provoking and outlandish interactive environments. And, they provide the most enjoyable gameplay. Not convinced? Hit the break for an analysis.

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Icon Designer – Cian Walsh

kiwiLooking for a professional to create icons for your application, or to design your application/website interface? Check out Cian Walsh’s website. His icons are full of personality, and are extremely functional. His style reminds me of the clean look of Linux icons (something I miss most after switching from Ubuntu to XP).

He’s got a quite a few articles available for the aspiring icon designer, as well as some free icons for use anywhere.

Fascination MAD*L – Plastic and Plush

This is an incredible artwork custom. Painted on a 10″ MAD*L, the detail is only overshadowed by the thoughtful presentation of the theme.

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