Kongregate – Shift 3

Just one week after I posted about the entertaining brain puzzler Shift, Shift 3 has been released on Kongregate. I’m looking forward to playing this sequel because it seems to address some of the basic issues from Shift 2.

The original game had a lot of charm. A simple gameplay premise was matched with fairly complicated puzzles. Each level was a challenge, but the challenge felt fair. In Shift 2, many of the levels did not feel fair. Completing levels required a mix of brute force and coordination rather than brain power and learning.

Thankfully, puzzles in Shift 3 seem much more balanced. Although the mechanism of backtracking to older rooms has been introduced, each room is manageable.

Level progression was another huge fault in Shift 2. Progress was not visible in any way, so after a while, there was no reason to continue playing. Shift 3 addresses this by giving a continually visible map of the “complex” your character is trapped in. This adds a great deal of story to the game (the storyline of the last game was “ha ha you cannot solve this puzzle”).

I suggest trying it out. If you liked the fun of the original, you’ll enjoy this sequel.


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