Comprehending the Mirror Dimensions and Visual Portals

Potentially Dangerous?In our modern society, you will encounter a number of incredible portals into alternate dimensions.

Frightened of these modern wonders? Do not panic! Here is a guide to assist you in coping with these everyday phenomenon.

Properties of the Alternate Dimensions

Example of a Dimensional Portal

Example of a Dimensional Portal

What are the properties of an alternate mirror dimension? For starters, it runs entirely parallel to our own. Yet the entire contents of that dimension are flipped with relation to the reflective portal. If you were to walk toward the portal, you in the alternate dimension would walk in the exact opposite direction (relative to the position of the portal). Viewing the reflective surface as an XZ plane, an object’s position (X,Y,Z) in our dimension would translate to a position of (X,-Y,Z) in the alternate dimension.

How large is an alternate dimension? Usually, you can only see yourself and a few people around you. How do you know the contents of the other dimension only consist of what you can see? You are free to bring anyone or anything into view of the portal (with some amount of effort), and these things/people would be readily visible in that alternate dimension. According to this logic, the contents of the alternate dimension are just as plentiful as the contents of this dimension. Life goes on in that dimension regardless of viewer participation.

Number of Mirror Dimensions

Flickr - Elizmar

Feline interacting with the alternate dimension

Is there only one mirror dimension? Actually, there are an infinite number of mirror dimensions. This is an understandably common misconception, mainly due to society’s understanding of the workings of mirrors. It would seem almost unbelievable that the entire contents of our dimension could be 100% replicated in another, so how could there be more than one? Besides, we can recognize our mirror self, and would be surprised to find his/her double running around in another visible dimension. Using the principles described above, we can determine that there are countably infinite mirror dimensions.

First, our mirror dimension selves are exact copies, down to the atomic level. You would not notice any visible difference between these copies due to the amazing detail put into them.

Second, our dimension runs parallel in the XZ plane to a mirror dimension. Given two reflective portals, you can see that the planes of reflection are either at different angles or in different positions. This goes against what is known about the mirror dimension, and cannot be true.

What happens when you move a portal – does it display the same dimension? No, moving a reflective portal forces it to realign with the dimension that matches its positional properties. You can apply this knowledge to bent or warped portals, such as spoons or funhouse mirrors. These items are actually a collection of slivered portals, each one displaying its own dimension. Because visible light is passing out of the portals at different angles, the image may appear to be stretched.

Unusual Circumstances with Portals

Citizens watch on in horror, attempting to comprehend the sheer number of portals that have opened over their fair city.

Citizens watch on in horror, attempting to comprehend the number of portals that have recently opened over their fair city.

Some portals have suffered damage, and appear to be cracked or broken. It makes sense that high-powered dimensional portals are fairly susceptible to damage. This damage may interfere with your ability to properly view the mirror dimension. Physical contact with broken portals is not advised – portal shards contain highly unstable energy and can cause serious damage to the skin.

If you see a discolored portal, do not panic! This is merely residue clouding the portal, and does not reflect the state of the dimension. Color in those visible dimensions is the same as in our dimension – replacing the discolored portal with a clean portal will show you the dimension’s true color.

Visual dimensional portals are a part of our modern society. Understand their properties, and you can gain their massive power. Focus two portals toward each other and instantly create an army of countless sapiens. Utilize the logical consistency of portals during your cycle of transportation by viewing things otherwise out of your visual range.

Are there any strange phenomenon that you’d like explained? List them in the comments, and they may be included in a future post.


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