Onorio D’Epiro – Breaking into the Vinyl Industry

Plastic and Plush - Onorio D'EpiroOnorio Depiro is an artist from the UK, working on some rather striking artistic pieces. According to his page on WST Worldwide, he is trying to break into the vinyl toy industry by adapting a style of animation modelling to toy crafting.
I have not seen too many complex textures in the vinyl toy market; most of his sculptures would need to be simplified before being adapted into toy form. Still, there is an impressive amount of intensity in the sculpturing – which would translate nicely into a small toy.

Interested in making your own line of professional vinyl toys? Read this article from Computer Arts for pointers, as they review the process from design to product: Computer Arts – Vinyl Fantastical. The steps seem pretty straight forward, although step 2 seems to be the biggest challenge:

  • Come up with a great idea/design/sketch
  • Get the attention of a toy manufacturer
  • Make a model of your design (several options):
    • Draw it from many different angles
    • Create a 3D model in Maya, etc
    • Make the sculpts yourself
  • The manufacturer will work with you to convert your model to the final mould

If you can’t find a big name to back you up, Figurepunk has a step-by-step tutorial for producing limited run versions of your toys.


One response to “Onorio D’Epiro – Breaking into the Vinyl Industry

  • Jimmy Due Volte

    This kid knows what he’s doing, this stuff is amazing. If this guy doesn’t make it the world’s lost the plot!

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