Monthly Archives: December 2008

Haminal – Plastic and Plush

Haminal Plush - IconLooking for a plush that’s stored in a Spam container? Then Haminal is the toy you’ve been looking for!

This plush is adorable, and is back for this second edition. Pictures after the break. Continue reading


Mr. Halloween – Work Out

Mr. Halloween - 150 [Work Out]

I made this cartoon with the Mr. Halloween cartoon maker. If you haven’t used it yet, check it out and give it a shot. You’ll be making your own cartoons in no time!

Tainted Visions – Pumpkin President

Tainted Visions - Pumpkin PresidentMerry Christmas! I consider yesterday’s post the official Morscata12 Christmas card, so today will focus on a distinctly Autumn piece.

Tainted Visions has some incredible paintings available on their website, along with many incredible urban vinyl toys. The toys attracted me to the website, but the paintings are simply too unique to pass up. This amazing work is sold out (from a run of 500), though you probably couldn’t afford the $1200 price tag. Unlike many pricey artworks, I can see how this print can cost so much. Tainted Visions has plenty of examples of Mark Ryden‘s work, so check it out!

Don’t Drink Soda – It’s Not Water

Coca Cola - IconI drink the recommended amount of water per day. How much liquid does our body need us to take in daily? The recommended amount is 8 glasses, though the exact amount is 2000mL. Recently, soda companies have been claiming that their products are just as healthy as water – even better, since you’ll want to drink it. This advertising campaign worked; though many people did not believe it, a select few did. And converting a select few is the entire purpose of an ad campaign.

What if soda replaced water in our lives? I did some math, and will now share my results. It’s simple math – just multiplication against the Coca Cola nutrition facts sheet. I convert each amount given for 240mL and scale it up to 2000mL. This is what you’ll get if you drink nothing but Coca Cola Original in a single day. Continue reading

Photography Trick – “Miniature” Scenes

Mini Scene - IconEver wonder how photographs of real life can be altered to look like a miniature scene? Visual Photo Guide has a tutorial on how to make your own.

It’s a neat trick…until you learn how it’s done. Then it feels like a disappointment, and you can tell most of these images are obviously not miniatures. Continue reading

World of Warcraft With a Wiimote – Part 2

OrcIf you want to set up your computer to utilize the Wiimote, follow these instructions. My base operating system is Windows XP, so you may need to interpret these instructions to fit your specific OS.

These instructions will get you started if you want to start writing your own Wiimote interpretation scripts, or if you want to start using the one I’ve supplied in Part 4. Continue reading

Albert Art – Custom XMas Qees

Santa Qee Elf - Albert ArtAlbert Art has completed two new customs, just in time for Christmas!

The two Qees have two very different personalities (fitting that they are on the 2.5 inch Qee and 8 inch Qee toys). Santa seems to be fighting the holiday blues (with alcohol), and his ever-helpful elf isn’t making it any easier. Facial expressions are the most noticeable feature on Albert Art customs; Santa’s dopey, sullen look is amplified by his elf’s hilariously excited expression. The holiday colors caught my eye – apparently inspired by Heinz ketchup packaging. Continue reading