Foldskool Heroes – Marshall Alexander

Foldskool - IconFoldskool Heroes recently got some attention from Gizmodo, but to be fair, the entire set deserves attention. These DIY papercrafts can be yours for next to nothing – all you’ll need is a printer, scissors/an Exacto knife, some decent paper, and a fair amount of talent for cutting paper.

The impressive thing about these papercrafts is how closely they follow in the footsteps of vinyl culture. Each toy has personality, and usually has a story to tell. Print one out for your desk, place them around the house, or hand them out for Christmas as personalized gifts!

If you’re not big on dropping $50 on a new vinyl, papercrafting is a fun alternative. There are a lot of websites loaded with howtos and new patterns. I’ll continue to feature websites with the best patterns here on Morscata12.

Visit Marshall Alexander’s website for some printable PDFs, and you can start making your own paper toys today!


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