Green Sahara – The Big Picture

Green Sahara - Big Picture - IconThe Big Picture has a great article about the photographs of Mike Hettwer. He has documented skeletal remains of two tribes that once lived in a surprisingly fertile part of the Sahara several thousand years ago.  Most of the photographs are of the more notable skeletons of the Sahara’s former inhabitants, though there are some other incredible images to view below.

This first image is an 8000 year old rock carving of a tamed giraffe. Taming giraffes doesn’t seem to have much benefit, although it seems to have been going on in other cultures in the past.

What struck me about this image was the quality of the work. The outline is fairly simple, but graceful (considering it was carved on the face of a rock). The detailing inside the outline is magnificent – it beautifully documents the skin patterns of the giraffe. Thankfully, it was well-preserved against wind erosion for all these years.

The skeleton of the Suchomimus dinosaur is odd at first glance – the sharp teeth don’t seem to function alongside the long shape of the jaw. According to Wikipedia, the Suchomimus was a fish-eater, so the long jaw was used to snatch up fish from a distance. With this photograph and the one on Wikipedia, it seems the jaw is the focal point for photographers (and I can see why).


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