CubeeCraft Makes Papercrafting Easy

Tim - CubeeCraft IconNeed to make a cheap Christmas gift, or just wondering how to start making DIY toys for yourself? Check out, a website featuring hundreds of standardized papercraft figures. Find a popular character, print out the craft sheet, cut out the pieces, and put them together. That’s the way most papercrafting works, and CubeeCraft is no exception. What makes CubeeCraft special? Read on to find out.

Difficulty Ratings

Each craft is rated on a scale of one to five scissors, letting you know how complex the toy will be to create. Not too great with scissors? Stick to the low end of the scale (one or two scissors) and you’ll do fine. Domo-kun is a one-scissor pattern; go ahead and try it now! Done this before? Challenge yourself with a four or five scissor pattern – although the site hasn’t posted any five scissor patterns yet. The best part: none of the patterns require glue or tape, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally creating a messy or overly-taped character. You may have to reprint the page if you destroy a part or two, but messing up with glue would ruin the entire project.

Submit Your Own Designs

Dropout Bear - No Longer on CubeeCraft

Dropout Bear - CubeeCraft

They’re really only interested in main-stream designs, but if you have a creative CubeeCraft take on a pop culture icon, draw it up and send it in. If you have an icon in mind but don’t have the artistic talents, send in a request via email. Check out their FAQ for further information:

8. I would like to submit a Cubee and become a guest artist!

That isn’t a question! Oh well. If you feel compelled to create a Cubee character and want to submit it to the site for possible posting PLEASE contact me first to make sure myself or someone else isn’t already working on the character you are thinking of making. If you see a character on the site more than likely you will see more characters from that property at some point down the line! You can see more extensive submission guidelines here.

A new “originals” section will be launched soon. This section will spotlight original characters and designs by their creators. I highly suggest doing an original design!

You can download the basic Cubee template here.

Tons of Content

Their website promises a new character every week, and they’ve been delivering. Hundreds of current patterns are up, and at least 52 more are added yearly. CubeeCraft also features “limited edition” patterns. Limited edition patterns are taken down after a few weeks, so download them while they last!


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