Create a Quick RSS Feed with Feedburner

FeedburnerI’ve set up an RSS feed for this blog, which was incredibly simple to do. Since I keep up with my RSS feeds on my iPod, I wanted a service that would serve up the entirety of the post to my mobile device (excerpts are not an acceptable option). I eventually came across Feedburner, which now produces the RSS feed for the site. Add it now if you haven’t already!

Setting up the feed in Feedburner was incredibly simple. Here are the steps (and some advice) if you want to create an RSS feed for your site:

  • Go to Enter your website address into the yellow box and click “Next”
  • Register an account with the site. Give a user name and password you’ll remember, and sign up
  • Go back to the front page and sign in. For some reason, registering did not automatically sign in my new user.
  • Add a link to your feed on your website. Go to the Publicize / Chicklet subpage, select the RSS icon you want to use, scroll to the bottom, and copy the HTML code supplied at the bottom.
  • Sign up to your own feed. Your users have to do it, so make sure the process works. Go through the same steps they’ll have to. Even after you’re done debugging, keep it on your reader…things may go wrong eventually.

Here are a few things you shouldn’t do (at least not right away)

  • Go to the Analyze tab and obsess – Readers will come at their own pace. Your RSS feed link on your site will do the work for you.
  • Go to the Optimize tab and mess around with settings – Try out your feed before messing around with customization options. You don’t want to set something you’ll regret later.
  • Go to the Monetize tab – Ads in RSS feeds are pretty much a no-no, especially if you’re just starting out. Don’t make new readers remove your feed after trying it out. If you really have to start selling out adspace, wait until you have a strong following (even then, they might not like it).

And that’s it! You may not remember to go back to Feedburner ever again (since the RSS feed is now off doing its own thing without you), so bookmark the page for a later time.


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