Ninjatown – Wee Ninja’s Very Own Game

Shawnimals - Wee NinjaIf you’re a fan of Shawnimals, SouthPeak Games has released a Wee Ninja game for the Nintendo DS. Expanding the universe of Wee Ninja to include a full cast of, Ninjatown is a creative take on the Tower Defense game series. So far, it has received high marks from reviewers – some are calling it the best game for the DS.

Shawnimals - DripIf you’re not initiated into the world of Wee Ninja, take a look at the extensive list of characters. You won’t make it through them all, but there are a lot of funny doodles. It is not clear to what capacity the author/artist uses these characters, but he’s been at it for at least 7 years (so there’s bound to be a lot of them).

Dumpling Vinyl Toy - Shawnimals

Dumpling Vinyl Toy - Shawnimals

Shawnimals - Adorable StegosaurusOr, if you’re interested in buying (or just gawking at) some merchandise, check out the online store. I’ve seen the Wee Ninja plush in the past, and recently saw the Dumpling vinyl toy at VTN – both are adorable.


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