World of Warcraft With a Wiimote – Part 2

OrcIf you want to set up your computer to utilize the Wiimote, follow these instructions. My base operating system is Windows XP, so you may need to interpret these instructions to fit your specific OS.

These instructions will get you started if you want to start writing your own Wiimote interpretation scripts, or if you want to start using the one I’ve supplied in Part 4.

Bluetooth Adapter


Step 1: Buy a USB Bluetooth Adapter – If you don’t have one already, you’ll need a Bluetooth adapter (also called a “dongle”) to allow your computer to interface with the Wiimote. This adapter will work with all Bluetooth devices. Look for an adapter with a software CD, as you will need this for step 3.

Step 2: Buy a Wireless Sensor Bar – The Wii comes standard with a “sensor bar”, but the bar is only active when the Wii is turned on. And if the Wii is turned on, your Wiimote will most likely couple with the Wii. Because I tried this before I owned a Wii, I purchased a separate wireless sensor bar. They run for about $10-20 on Amazon or Target.
If you didn’t know, the “sensor bar” is actually just a holder for four LEDs, which the Wiimote uses to determine the TV’s location (through the camera on the front of the Wiimote). So the bar itself does nothing, and is unfairly priced.

Wireless Sensor Bar

Wireless Sensor Bar

Step 3: Install the adapter’s Bluetooth software – The standard Bluetooth software that comes with XP is incompatible with the Wiimote. My adapter came with the proper software, which saved me a ton of time.

Step 4: Download and install Glovepie – There are several Wiimote interpreters available, though Glovepie is the easiest and best supported programs so far. You can download it at the Glovepie website.

Step 5: Get used to the default Wiimote script – Glovepie comes packaged with several sample scripts to get you started. Look over the scripts, try them out, and make a copy of them before tweaking the scripts (I overwrote the default script on my machine, so don’t make the same mistake). Read through the walkthrough on while testing the scripts.

Although you could just use the script from Part 4, I suggest you learn how to write Glovepie scripts. The Wiimote has quite a lot of potential for PC games, and it would be well worth your time to unlock that potential.

Now we need to optimize our World of Warcraft addons to be most compatible with the Wiimote. The default UI just won’t cut it – we’ll be exploring a few addons that will make simplify the transition to the Wiimote.

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Continue to Part 3 – Set up your Warcraft addons


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