Haminal – Plastic and Plush

Haminal Plush - IconLooking for a plush that’s stored in a Spam container? Then Haminal is the toy you’ve been looking for!

This plush is adorable, and is back for this second edition. Pictures after the break.

Haminal and Box - Flickr

Haminal and Box - Flickr

All Haminals come in a keep-fresh container along with a pineapple slice (for added flavor). Unlike most meat products, Haminal comes live and boneless. If you can’t find it in yourself to eat this defenseless critter, no one would blame you if you adopted him as your own. The official website points out that the Haminal only requires teeth to consume roasted marshmallows – classifying this distinctive species as a Sugaravore. He appears to be a hybrid between a pig and a gopher, though no characteristics (other than physical appearance) of either species has carried over.

Haminal in the Woods - haminal.com

Haminal in the Woods - haminal.com

You can buy this lovable food animal at Tainted Visions or through the Haminal website.


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