Metapost – Links and Filters

I’ve updated the Morscata12 About Page. What was once a useless page now contains a few useful in-site links:

  • RSS Morscata12 RSS feed – I recently created a Feedburner RSS feed for Morscata12. If you enjoy this site, add the RSS feed to your feed reader for quick access. This feed is also great for mobile devices (read:iPod touch/iPhone) with an RSS feed reader.
  • Rant-Only Morscata12 – I went through the archives and properly labeled all rants as such. Use this category filter when you want to cut to the meat of the site. They’re like shears if websites were sheep.
  • Mr. Halloween – Use if you want to view the Morscata12 exclusive feature cartoon “Mr. Halloween”. These comics are loosely intersparced with real content, so the filter will be a huge help if you do like reading those comics.

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