Warcraft Papercraft – Print Out Some Toys!

Warcraft Papercraft - GnomeInterested in papercraft? Who isn’t? WoWPapercraft has a ton of tremendous papercrafts themed after items and characters in the World of Warcraft.

WoWPapercraft focuses the spotlight on the highly detailed (Warcraft-themed) work of papercraft enthusiasts. Unlike Cubeecraft, these papercrafts will take you a long time to make. Still, if it was easy to do on your own, it wouldn’t be as impressive.

Some of these patterns can be found on other websites – I’ve seen Stitches all over the Google Image search. But, we’re dealing with a completionist blog here. Many of his original creations are interspersed with other impressive works.

Pieces like this pink-haired Gnome are outstanding, and put Figureprints to shame. It’s too bad the Figureprint company didn’t just implement an automated papercrafting machine, since these would look equally impressive on one’s desk.

The blog links to a few other papercraft blogs, including one featuring Pokémon. Searching around the website will land you some interesting patterns on MediaFire, such as the Stitches pattern. Through WowPapercraft, I found a link to Hobikitkertas, whose website is impressively laid out with easy-to-locate papercrafts. Nine are available for purchase through PayPal, and six are free (such as this Dark Terror).

I am going to download a few of these soon, and try my hand at making the easier ones. Readers, have you made/attempted any of these crafts in the past? Post your experiences in the comments!


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