MoneyGrip Customs

MoneyGrip IconMoneyGrip is a customizable vinyl toy, and is probably one of the best base models out there for customs. I wasn’t convinced until I started looking for MoneyGrip customs, and found some amazing work.

I ran across six one-time customs, and two MoneyGrips available for purchase from Fugitive Toys and My Plastic Heart. They are limited supply, so if you want one, act fast!

The Stealth is probably the best coloration on the market. Its colors aren’t as vibrant as some of the other ones in stores, but the red/silver/black color combination is an instant winner. Fugitive Toys claims to have “Just a few left!” (there are only 100 in production). Fifty dollars is pretty steep for a toy, but if you collect limited-run urban vinyl you’re probably used to it by now.

The bloody “MoneyGrip Red” is a limited run of fifty pieces, and is going for $50. Though the piece is definitely not as elaborate as the Stealth version, the blood-colored toy looks really cool from a distance. Not convinced on the up-close shots though…

This custom is an oldie from a custom MoneyGrip show last year. Jason Limon manages some incredible rust effects in this custom.

I found this custom on Flickr; the staging of the picture is spot-on. This is probably the least-hardcore MoneyGrip out there (in a good way) – the sweater makes him look like a softy.

Another custom from last year’s show. FYI, Saki-Waki has a nice Flikr gallery of the 2008 “Get a Grip” show.

MF Doom is my favorite of the MoneyGrip customs. Though most of the “Get a Grip” customs did some pretty outlandish things to their toys, MF Doom seems to strike the perfect balance between total modification and keeping the toy’s integrity. From the front, the custom looks like some sort of urban robot (in the vein of Doctor Doom). From the side, you’ll see the toy is actually a dude wearing a mask. The detailing on the clothes is impressive – MF Doom’s color palette is amazingly realistic.


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