Monthly Archives: February 2009

FrealaF – DeviantArt

FrealaF - IconThis week’s featured DeviantArt page belongs to FrealaF.

FrealaF is a 20-year-old plush artist from Spain. His artwork shows incredible potential, and already showcases an amazing eye for detail and craftsmanship. Plush aren’t the only things in the gallery, but they seem to stand out the most. Continue reading


The Epic Tale of Walletman the Wise

WalletmanI’ve started a new blog called The Epic Tale of Walletman the Wise. This will give me an excuse to write up ridiculous entries about the World of Warcraft, without messing up the standard Morscata12 blog. I will be updating that new blog once a week on Wednesdays, and will continue regular weekday updates on Morscata12. Enjoy!

Retroscripting – Rav and Nash

Rav and NashI’m starting the second miniarc on my webcomic Rav and Nash. Updates are coming three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Hit the break for today’s comic. Continue reading

La Princesse (Spider Robot) – The Big Picture

Giant Robot SpiderThe Big Picture is currently featuring La Princesse – a gigantic robot spider that “invaded” Liverpool, England.

Don’t worrry! The entire thing was a stunt pulled off by a French performance art group La Machine. Hit the break for images of this arachno-spectacle. Continue reading

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 – Kotaku

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2There’s a new trailer available for the highly anticipated Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 on Kotaku. Although the commenters seem fairly down on the new gameplay video, I think it’s taking a turn for the best. Continue reading

Deviblue – DeviantArt

DeviBlueThis week’s featured DeviantArt page belongs to Deviblue.

Deviblue has been producing some amazing sculptures over the past three years. What makes her gallery stand out are the series of characters – rather than making only one character in a line, Deviblue usually makes over a dozen characters per series. It’s fun to see the different creative directions the characters will be taken, and which series she’ll follow next. Continue reading

Drawing Techniques – Not So Silent’s Pyro

Pyro - Not So SilentHere’s a handy walkthrough by Blogspot’s Not So Silent, following the development of an awesome Pyro drawing (from Team Fortress 2).

The article steps carefully through the process of cleaning up (and eventually recreating) two poses for TF2’s lovable Pyro. Continue reading