Iron Man 2 via Kotaku – “Sega Begins Messing up Iron Man 2”

Marvel Toys Iron ManKotaku has a searing article about Sega’s upcoming moviegame Iron Man 2. You might remember Iron Man from the awesome 2008 movie, or from the bottom-of-the-barrel 2008 video games that desperately attempted to cling to the movie’s popularity. Looks like we’re going in for round two in 2010…

I have a feeling that Sega just isn’t ready for 3D gaming. And with the resurgence of 2D gaming, why should they move away from that comfort zone? Sonic’s speed seems to work best without that pesky Z dimension – there seems to be no way to control him effectively when exploring beyond the land of pixels.

Iron Man 2 isn’t just bringing bad news to the gaming front. Gameloft will be working on the mobile games for the new movie. Hopefully it will be an improvement over the iPhone’s “on-rails” Iron Man game.

If you’re looking for more good news in the Iron Man vein, this “My Little Pony” Iron Man mod should brighten your day. Check out the Flickr stream for more images of the supercharged Pony Stark!


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