SciFi Dollar Origami – DeviantArt

Origami - Orudorumagi11Over at DeviantArt, Orudorumagi11 is making some interesting dollar bill origami. Although this article will focus on his scifi works, he also has several pages of amazing animals.

Morscata12 spotlights a DeviantArt gallery every Wednesday. Come back next week for new finds!

I’m impressed with the level of detail poured into these spacecraft. My enjoyment of these works stems primarily out of my inability to reproduce his work, and is coupled with the impressive quality apparent in the creations folded out of dollar bills.

Dollars may seem like an odd choice of material, as most of the bills we have in our wallets are old and worn. New dollar bills make excellent candidates for folding paper, as the material is crisp and takes to folding quite well. And, as Wikipedia points out, the recognizable patterns on money can be utilized in the craft.

The second and third pages of the gallery are dedicated to animals – the more traditional subjects for origami. There’s a lot of talent on those pages. Go check it out!


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