Mio Knight Rider GPS – The Power of Licensing

Mio Knight RiderThere’s a new GPS unit in town – and it’s themed after the original Knight Rider television series. Licensed by Universal Studios, the Mio Knight Rider was announced last year and has recently been released.

The unit has mixed reviews on Amazon. One of the major user complaints is that the unit was loaded with old maps (up-to-date maps should be the focus of an in-car GPS). One user gave the device four stars, but claims it gives incorrect directions.

How could a GPS device packaged with wrong maps and bad software still sell relatively well?

The device looks great, and features the voice of KITT. Is that reason enough to purchase a GPS device that doesn’t function? Knight Rider fans should be able to attach a few LEDs onto their vehicle and purchase a KITT voice for their car. It takes an extra amount of work, and the result won’t be bundled together in an easy-to-purchase package.

Mio Knight Rider

Mio Knight Rider

But buying package deals never works out, especially in our society. Most “buy X get Y free” deals feature one product that seems decent and another product you would have never wanted in the first place. Here, the “Knight Rider” brand plays the role of the desired product, and the device is the unwanted leftover. Unfortunately, the two are coupled together – and the end product is a device that won’t be used for more than a year.

This product should sell reasonably well, both as a gift and as an impulse buy. Impulse buyers will ignore the faults of the product until it is put into use, and will then either put up with those faults for the life of the product or will look to replace the product as quickly as possible. Gift buyers will be drawn to the “package deal” aspect of this device, as the more appropriate DIY solution is not easily given as a gift.

What can you do to avoid these commercial pitfalls? Buy products for functionality rather than an immediate fun value. Researching the best GPS unit for the cost is the better alternative to making a $200 impulse purchase. This even applies to entertainment. Televisions, stereos, even toys and games – the market is flooded with unfunctional, non-fun versions of these products. Look into which product will function the best for your entertainment needs.


2 responses to “Mio Knight Rider GPS – The Power of Licensing

  • Peter

    I love the Knight Rider GPS but don’t have a spare $170.

    The people who supply the voice of KITT is a company called Navtones. They do real celebrity voices for your GPS and though they don’t have KITT out as a down loadable voice yet, they do have people like Mr. T, Kim Cattrall and Dennis Hopper!!!

    I would love KITT but my GPS works fine and at just around $10 for a cool voice this is what I have chosen to do. I think the site is navtones.com!

  • morscata12

    KITT would be a great downloadable voice. Not sure why that hasn’t happened yet 😀

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