Coconut Lane – DeviantArt

Coconut LaneThis week’s featured DeviantArt page belongs to Coconut Lane.

She focuses on crafting personality-filled plush toys, and regularly posts the patterns to her favorite creations. Most of her toys are themed after food – her earlier works include an adorable series of sushi (and fortune cookies).

These fortune cookies are much fuzzier than you’d find in restaurants. Their design is simple yet effective – just a plush fortune cookies with a pair of beady eyes.

Continuing the line of anthromorphized food is this “super happy” veggie sushi roll. Again, the design is simple but adorable. If it weren’t for the face, it could pass for its edible counterpart. Coconut Lane uses extremely fuzzy material when making her foux food, and it works extremely well with the patterns to make believable (yet unbelievable) food friends.

Placement is everything in this picture. And, it acts as an effective advertisement for shrimp tempura!

Morscata12 spotlights a DeviantArt gallery every Wednesday. Come back next week for new finds!


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