Off-Model Toys – John K Stuff

Off-Model ToysJohn K’s website is an amazing resource for cartoonists. His posts display work of many greats, and gives him an opportunity to deconstruct the technique behind those selected works. If you’re a cartoonist or are just interested in the mechanics behind cartooning, John K Stuff should be in your bookmarks.

Sometimes, John posts off-topic (yet interesting) images relating to cartoons. Check out this post from 2006, as he looks at an assortment of toys that look nothing like their cartoon counterparts.

This “Alvin” doll is only recognizable by the letter “A” on his shirt, though the rest of his form seems to have been sourced from something entirely different. Interestingly enough, John seems to appreciate the different look that these toys sport. One of his main claims on his blog is that cartoons are plagued with “careful” animators. Cartoons cannot come to life without using interesting colors, poses, and movements. It’s a good theory to work by.


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