Atrax Custom Qee – Plastic and Plush

AtraxPlastic and Plush posted images of an 8″ custom Qee created by designer Phu!. The Qee is a scifi themed battle walker, and it looks simply amazing. Sporting a war-worn yellow paint job and a toolbelt of necessary supplies, this mech is ready for some serious space exploration.

Unlike many scifi customs, this Qee seems to hit a perfect blend between current technology (NASA) and the gritty vision of the future (Firefly). A gem-filled chest unit and a hand-mounted fusion cutter add the expected tinges of futurism. Still, his round dome face and accessories permanently fix the character into a time that seems strangely close to our own.

Details really make this custom. Check out the little shovel and rope kit! Phu! has many more customs like these on his website. Go check ’em out!


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