Deviblue – DeviantArt

DeviBlueThis week’s featured DeviantArt page belongs to Deviblue.

Deviblue has been producing some amazing sculptures over the past three years. What makes her gallery stand out are the series of characters – rather than making only one character in a line, Deviblue usually makes over a dozen characters per series. It’s fun to see the different creative directions the characters will be taken, and which series she’ll follow next.

The latest series in the gallery are the charming “Mr. and Little Miss” characters. If you know about “Little Miss Sunshine”, you’ll love the rest of the characters in this series. Most of the sculptures are dioramas featuring two characters interacting – adding a fun twist to the brand.

The Turd people are another notable series in Deviblue’s gallery. Each character has a silly pun for a name, and a goofy pose to match. You’ll have fun looking through that page!

Morscata12 spotlights a DeviantArt gallery every Wednesday. Come back next week for new finds!


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