Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 – Kotaku

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2There’s a new trailer available for the highly anticipated Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 on Kotaku. Although the commenters seem fairly down on the new gameplay video, I think it’s taking a turn for the best.

The first “Marvel: Ultimate Alliance” was a straightforward brawler that got all the steps just right. And, it’s the first console game in a good number of years that I couldn’t put down. There was some story in there, but it was really just a thinly-veiled excuse to pile as many Marvel superheroes and supervillains into one game.

Ultimate Alliance’s second outing was originally centered around the Secret War, but now may be (also?) based on the Civil War storyline. Between the two, Secret War would probably be more fun – keeping in mind that the storyline should play second to the action. (I had originally though the game was going to be based on Secret Invasion, which would have been far more interesting).

Sidenote: Secret War features a character named Daisy Johnson, whose appearance was based after Angelina Jolie from Hackers.


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