Retroscripting – Rav and Nash

Rav and NashI’m starting the second miniarc on my webcomic Rav and Nash. Updates are coming three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Hit the break for today’s comic.

Rav and Nash - Flawed Design, Pt. 1

There’s something about the three-panel layout that I really enjoy. It keeps the comic simple, and makes me work a little harder (arbitrary boundaries can kick off the creative part of the brain).


I’m experimenting with retroscripting for my dialogue. The first story arc was heavily scripted – everything was written before the strips were drawn. For the current arc, I’m going to improve the dialogue while the strip is drawn.

Retroscripting is a positive technique for anyone making their own comic strip…even if you’re not both the writer and the artist! Writing dialogue ahead of time is usually done out of the element of the comic. You’re not looking at the characters and their facial expressions, so the words you’re plan for them to say won’t be as relevant to the situation once it unfolds in the artwork. If the artist isn’t locked down to that viewpoint of the comic, they can work the dialogue into the drawings they produce (and vice versa).


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