FrealaF – DeviantArt

FrealaF - IconThis week’s featured DeviantArt page belongs to FrealaF.

FrealaF is a 20-year-old plush artist from Spain. His artwork shows incredible potential, and already showcases an amazing eye for detail and craftsmanship. Plush aren’t the only things in the gallery, but they seem to stand out the most.

I read these three matches as a three-panel animation of a single match burning up. The facial expressions he chooses for each stage are priceless.

Functionally, this plush is amazing. The tangerine unzips to reveal his tangerine-slice children. FrealaF seems to have an incredible eye for functional detail, as many of his pieces are interactive (or are hiding something extra).

Many of the other plush in his DeviantArt gallery have a similar facial style. This seems to be a somewhat recent addition to his works, as the earliest gallery items do not feature this type of “pen-drawn” face.

This plush Double-A has pretty much all the details we expect to see on a standard battery. Lettering on the side of the body adds unexpected detail to this tiny plushie.

All of these characters have incredible personality.

Morscata12 spotlights a DeviantArt gallery every Wednesday. Come back next week for new finds!


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