1 2 3 Faux – DeviantArt

123 FauxThis week’s featured DeviantArt page belongs to 1-2-3-Faux.

1-2-3-Faux has been working on a fairly interesting project creating Playmobil customs. As you can tell, these children toys have been modded beyond recognition (in a good way).

The details on these works are fascinating. Faux kept the figurines somewhat simple, but applied some excellent detailing in unexpected places. Check out the DeviantArt page for the pre-paint of the champ. It is reminiscent of a horrifying clown, though the painted version ends up hiding that raw creepiness.

Other than a few gasmasked mods (a father/daughter duo, and a throwback to World War Robot), 1-2-3-Faux has been keeping to the theme of “Corporate Ch…” in a creative way.

For more reactions to these provocative sculptures, check out these forums:

Kid Robot forums

Playmobil forums

Morscata12 spotlights a DeviantArt gallery every Wednesday. Come back next week for new finds!


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