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Frank the Bunny is Friendly - Donnie Darko

Lifehacker recently posted a link to a fun web comic maker called Stripgenerator. With it, you can create fixed-width comic strips using stylish black-and-white (with an occasional red highlight) characters, shapes, and speech bubbles.

I’ve been having fun making some of my own comics, and you should too.

Contest Alert:
Post links to your own works in the comments! The best comic will be selected and featured on this blog next Tuesday. Have at it!


One response to “StripGenerator – Lifehacker

  • Andraz

    Thank you for your positive review.

    Stripgenerator has been around for many years actually, but I guess it has matured enough to be taken seriously. Reviews like this always get our blood pumping and right now we are extremely busy with the new version that will add some functionality, improve scalability and speed an make old users happy. After that, who knows.

    thanks again.

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