MoonYen – DeviantArt

Moon Yen - DeviantArtThis week’s featured DeviantArt page belongs to MoonYen.

MoonYen has been a DeviantArt member for two years, and has been perfecting her tiny knit bunny creations.

MoonYen’s Amigurumi are adorable in their simplicity. Hit the break for some of my favorites.

If you’ve recently seen the Watchmen movie or are a fan of the comic books, you’ll get a kick out of these Watchmen bunnies (Watchbuns).

The Black Bird Pie is inspired, and is probably my favorite piece during my search through the gallery. Although the bird comes from a familiar pattern, it comes served up (no pun intended) with a tiny pie crust, reminding those of us with childhoods of a familiar tale.

From all corners of pop culture comes the Kraken. Wikipedia has compiled a list of all Kraken references in pop culture – I wasn’t really aware that it showed up in anything other than Clash of the Titans.

This Sackboy (from Little Big Planet) comes complete with the trademark stitches and giant zipper! What makes this PS3 character unique is that the zipper isn’t just attached, it’s part of the knitting.

Do you like MoonYen’s style enough to buy it? She’s got a store set up on Etsy. Quite a few bunnies and birds are available – they would make an adorable gift for Easter. Don’t expect the complicated pieces (like the Watchmen) in the store, though you’ll be able to pick up a zombie.

Morscata12 spotlights a DeviantArt gallery every Wednesday. Come back next week for new finds!


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