64 Colors – Marshall the Vinyl Toy

Marshall - 64 ColorsIn December, I took a look at a wonderful poster-making group called 64 Colors. They’ve been up to quite a bit since then, with the creation of a new poster and a new vinyl toy. That’s right, they’ve taken Marshall (their trademark marshmallow man) and transformed him into an adorable vinyl toy.

Standing at a miniature 3.5 inches, Marshall will come in nineteen different designs in a blind box.

Four of the designs have been revealed: standard, fork stuck in eye, “plush”, and throwing up.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Marshall vinyl toy, check out RotoFugi’s online store. His first run (as a “Vintage Vinyl”) will be limited to 500 pieces for $12.95 each. This run is different from the blind boxes, as it is available now, but will not feature separate designs.

To follow all the up-to-the-minute information about Marshall (and to see images from his “trip around the world”), visit marshalltoys.com.

And if that’s not enough 64 Colors news, here is a new 64 Colors poster – commissioned by Japan LA.

This is the 100th post on Morscata12!


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