Ness Munny – AlbertArt

Ness - AlbertArtAlbertArt brings us another inspired Munny custom, this time focusing the video-game spotlight on Earthbound’s Ness. This custom “sheds his ‘goody-goody’ persona” in favor of a more Dennis the Menace style.

Ness - AlbertArt

Ness - AlbertArt

This munny is a creative take on the classic video game character Ness. Check out the Wikipedia entries on Earthbound and Mother if you haven’t heard of Ness (for shame!). To be honest, I didn’t know much about Earthbound (Mother II) besides the Super Smash Bros cameo.

AlbertArt has been producing some quality videogame-themed customs. Hopefully, he won’t have to turn his focus elsewhere! From Twitter:

A law firm in Philadelphia has been scoping out my site,blogs and related vinyl toy content.Their specialty: Patent, Trademark, Copyright…

Copyright laws are out of control if custom Munnys are no longer allowed. Laws are supposed to protect the freedoms of the people; they should be considered unconstitutional (or at least un-American) if they don’t protect those freedoms.


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