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The Perils of Solipskier

The inevitable fate of the Solipskier:

After a while…

I don’t know how I can forget the basic premise of this game each time I play, but it happens more than I want to admit.


Go Buy “Mickey Mouse Operation” Already

“Mickey Mouse Operation” by “Little People” is sitting high on my list of favorite CDs at the moment. Thanks to Pandora, I got to hear several of these songs before purchasing the full album (hooray for Pandora!). This was a great find for anyone who appreciates smooth instrumentals mixed with their electronic music. I cannot stress enough how much I love this album.

If you’re not convinced, notice the price. $5.99 for 14 songs! That is a deal that you should jump on.

He is going on tour in the USA at some point, and a new album should be hitting in 2011, so keep your eye out for that if you’re already a fan.

Saving the Planet

George Carlin did a bit a few years back about what a ridiculous notion “saving the planet” really is. The planet isn’t in danger, he claimed, and it’s not something that needs saving. If anything, we’re in danger from the planet (natural disasters, disease, etc). Of course, since his act usually revolves around the cranky misanthrope spouting his general hatred for humanity, his act twists from this notion into a hopeful glee that the human race will eventually extinguish from the Earth. (you can never tell if George Carlin is actually misanthropic, but I don’t have the heart to Google “why did George Carlin hate me” to find out). Continue reading

Apple Owl Spirit Doll by hatsukoi – DeviantArt

I was checking through the DeviantArt craft pages, and stumbled across this gem. The Apple Owl Spirit Doll is quite unique – I think the colorations drew my eye to it. The green used in the leaf is subtle enough to mesh well with the orange used for the owl’s fabric. (Yes, owls do have feathers, but plush dolls don’t usually.) Its eyes draw me in. They are thin like apple seeds (very thematic), and the pink surrounding them give the owl a worried animal-look.

I may be two and a half years late for this to count as a proper feature, but it’s still worth it.

What is a meme?

I’m going to declare “meme” the official word of 2010. It took off in popularity, almost as much as the cultural touchstones the word refers to. It’s a confusing word, because it was intended to mean something entirely different 35 years ago.

Richard Dawkins coined the term in his book “The Selfish Gene” to mean any influential idea that builds itself into a culture. Continue reading

Ice Cream Koan

Joshua entered the soda shoppe and left with an ice cream.

A monk approached him and asked “Are you enjoying your purchase?”

Joshua looked at the monk, then down at his cone. He wrinkled his brow, and said “Not anymore.”