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Our Perception of Privacy

SXSW 2010Privacy is an important facet of freedom. It will never lose importance regardless of social or technological changes. We may perceive privacy differently, we may question the value of privacy, but it does not change the solid relationship between personal privacy and personal freedom. Continue reading


Where to Find Mystery Science Theater 3000 Quotes

MST3KAre you a fan of Mystery Science Theater? If pairing bad movies with bad puns seems like a winning combination, it is. During their 11 season run, Mike/Joel and the robots produced a monumental amount of jokes, puns, and silly noises. If you were looking for a comprehensive source for these indispensable quotes, look no further. Continue reading

Things I’d Change About My Web Comic – Round One

Rav and Nash LinkMy new cartoon Rav and Nash is now updating three times a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Hosting is through Comic Fury, and searching is provided by Oh No Robot. Go check it out!

Just because it’s my cartoon doesn’t mean I don’t have my complaints. Hit the link for five things I’d change about my own cartoon (and things you should consider changing in your webcomic). Continue reading

Heroes – Volume Four Starts Tonight

Heroes - IconHeroes starts tonight! This comes as unexpected news to me, as I was expecting the wait to feel a lot longer than it did. Will Volume 4 be better than all the other Volumes combined? Of course not! Heroes fans will be disappointed if they push expectations of this season beyond what is reasonable. Still, there is some hope. Continue reading

Desktopography – 2008 Gallery Now Open

desktopographyDesktopography is a great resource for some truly amazing backgrounds for your desktop. If you’ve been looking for some new wallpaper, this is the place! Visit their website and browse through four years of amazing wallpapers (113 in total). Continue reading

Daily Dose of Imagery – Top Left Pixel

Daily Dose of ImageryIf you frequent The Big Picture, you may also be interested in Top Left Pixel’s “Daily Dose of Imagery”. This photoblog updates daily, and features some excellent photography by Sam Javanrouh.

Daily Dose of Imagery was recently nominated for 2008’s Best Photoblog on the WeBlogAwards (alongside The Big Picture), and I can see why. The artistic quality of the images is far better than what you can usually find perusing the internet. Continue reading

Quick “Miniature” Scenes at TiltShiftMaker

Last month, I made a post about tilt shift photography. Making these scenes would normally require an expensive program such as Photoshop.

Lifehacker featured a website that allows users to generate their own miniature scenes! TiltShiftMaker processes the supplied photo (either from a web URL or uploaded from the user’s machine) using the standard Photoshop trick. You can change the height of the focal point, and shift it up and down. Once the preview is to your liking, you can download a full copy of the image. Continue reading