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The Perils of Solipskier

The inevitable fate of the Solipskier:

After a while…

I don’t know how I can forget the basic premise of this game each time I play, but it happens more than I want to admit.


StripGenerator – Lifehacker

Frank the Bunny is Friendly - Donnie Darko

Lifehacker recently posted a link to a fun web comic maker called Stripgenerator. With it, you can create fixed-width comic strips using stylish black-and-white (with an occasional red highlight) characters, shapes, and speech bubbles.

I’ve been having fun making some of my own comics, and you should too.

Contest Alert:
Post links to your own works in the comments! The best comic will be selected and featured on this blog next Tuesday. Have at it!

Retroscripting – Rav and Nash

Rav and NashI’m starting the second miniarc on my webcomic Rav and Nash. Updates are coming three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Hit the break for today’s comic. Continue reading

Drawing Techniques – Not So Silent’s Pyro

Pyro - Not So SilentHere’s a handy walkthrough by Blogspot’s Not So Silent, following the development of an awesome Pyro drawing (from Team Fortress 2).

The article steps carefully through the process of cleaning up (and eventually recreating) two poses for TF2’s lovable Pyro. Continue reading

Off-Model Toys – John K Stuff

Off-Model ToysJohn K’s website is an amazing resource for cartoonists. His posts display work of many greats, and gives him an opportunity to deconstruct the technique behind those selected works. If you’re a cartoonist or are just interested in the mechanics behind cartooning, John K Stuff should be in your bookmarks. Continue reading

Things I’d Change About My Web Comic – Round One

Rav and Nash LinkMy new cartoon Rav and Nash is now updating three times a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Hosting is through Comic Fury, and searching is provided by Oh No Robot. Go check it out!

Just because it’s my cartoon doesn’t mean I don’t have my complaints. Hit the link for five things I’d change about my own cartoon (and things you should consider changing in your webcomic). Continue reading

Break for Rav and Nash Development

Nash - Second RevisionI’m taking a few weeks off from the blog to complete Rav and Nash. Don’t worry, posts will resume once the comic strip engine has been completed.

Use this post as an outlet for suggestions! If there’s anything you’d like to see from Rav and Nash, or anything you think comic strips should avoid, post it in the comments.