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Apple Owl Spirit Doll by hatsukoi – DeviantArt

I was checking through the DeviantArt craft pages, and stumbled across this gem. The Apple Owl Spirit Doll is quite unique – I think the colorations drew my eye to it. The green used in the leaf is subtle enough to mesh well with the orange used for the owl’s fabric. (Yes, owls do have feathers, but plush dolls don’t usually.) Its eyes draw me in. They are thin like apple seeds (very thematic), and the pink surrounding them give the owl a worried animal-look.

I may be two and a half years late for this to count as a proper feature, but it’s still worth it.


Nonesuch by Gummibaehr – DeviantArt

Gummibaehr - DeviantArtThis week’s featured DeviantArt page belongs to Gummibaehr.

Megan Baehr is a cartoonist, but also has an interesting collection of plush characters called “Nonesuch”. Today, we take a look at this collection of adorable plushies. Continue reading

MoonYen – DeviantArt

Moon Yen - DeviantArtThis week’s featured DeviantArt page belongs to MoonYen.

MoonYen has been a DeviantArt member for two years, and has been perfecting her tiny knit bunny creations.

MoonYen’s Amigurumi are adorable in their simplicity. Hit the break for some of my favorites. Continue reading

1 2 3 Faux – DeviantArt

123 FauxThis week’s featured DeviantArt page belongs to 1-2-3-Faux.

1-2-3-Faux has been working on a fairly interesting project creating Playmobil customs. As you can tell, these children toys have been modded beyond recognition (in a good way). Continue reading

FrealaF – DeviantArt

FrealaF - IconThis week’s featured DeviantArt page belongs to FrealaF.

FrealaF is a 20-year-old plush artist from Spain. His artwork shows incredible potential, and already showcases an amazing eye for detail and craftsmanship. Plush aren’t the only things in the gallery, but they seem to stand out the most. Continue reading

Deviblue – DeviantArt

DeviBlueThis week’s featured DeviantArt page belongs to Deviblue.

Deviblue has been producing some amazing sculptures over the past three years. What makes her gallery stand out are the series of characters – rather than making only one character in a line, Deviblue usually makes over a dozen characters per series. It’s fun to see the different creative directions the characters will be taken, and which series she’ll follow next. Continue reading

Coconut Lane – DeviantArt

Coconut LaneThis week’s featured DeviantArt page belongs to Coconut Lane.

She focuses on crafting personality-filled plush toys, and regularly posts the patterns to her favorite creations. Most of her toys are themed after food – her earlier works include an adorable series of sushi (and fortune cookies). Continue reading