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Ice Cream Koan

Joshua entered the soda shoppe and left with an ice cream.

A monk approached him and asked “Are you enjoying your purchase?”

Joshua looked at the monk, then down at his cone. He wrinkled his brow, and said “Not anymore.”


Keystroke Bug in Warcraft Programmed by Microsoft

Warcraft - Level 80Microsoft has purposefully planted a bug in the popular MMORPG “World of Warcraft”. This seems to affect all Windows-based computers, though the entire span of this bug has yet to be determined. Adept player Kwakmeister reported the bug in Warcraft forums late last night. Continue reading

Stretching the Truth – With Rudy Giuliani

Rudy GiulianiBad logic abounds in the Republican mindset. For a quick example, check out a recent CNN story about New York’s own Rudy Giuliani.

According to Giuliani, our country will lose money if CEOs aren’t allowed large bonuses. Quoted from CNN’s website: Continue reading

Warcraft Minis – BC Faction Mixup

Wow Minis - AllianceWow Minis - HordeThese two images were located on the Warcraft Miniatures gallery website. It looks like the artists responsible for the faction’s background banner mixed up the factions of the two Burning Crusade races. It’s not immediately visible – if you have Firefox and use AdBlock or Mouse Gestures you’ll be able to uncover this epic mixup. Tip: These images would make great user icons. Continue reading

Comprehending the Mirror Dimensions and Visual Portals

Potentially Dangerous?In our modern society, you will encounter a number of incredible portals into alternate dimensions.

Frightened of these modern wonders? Do not panic! Here is a guide to assist you in coping with these everyday phenomenon.
Continue reading