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Go Buy “Mickey Mouse Operation” Already

“Mickey Mouse Operation” by “Little People” is sitting high on my list of favorite CDs at the moment. Thanks to Pandora, I got to hear several of these songs before purchasing the full album (hooray for Pandora!). This was a great find for anyone who appreciates smooth instrumentals mixed with their electronic music. I cannot stress enough how much I love this album.

If you’re not convinced, notice the price. $5.99 for 14 songs! That is a deal that you should jump on.

He is going on tour in the USA at some point, and a new album should be hitting in 2011, so keep your eye out for that if you’re already a fan.


Something Neat – Alien VS Predator

Alien vs Predator - Chess

Alien vs Predator - Chess

IO9 had a great take on the “Alien vs Predator” theme recently, with the two moral foes (?) taking eachother on in fairly mild sports, such as tennis and chess. Wallpaper-quality images are available!

Something Neat – Asthma Rancor and Pet AT-AT

I found a few fun Star Wars themed photos on NickIsConfused’s Flickr gallery Continue reading

Something Neat – Star Wars Boomboxes

AT-AT SpeakersIn the span of a single week, Gizmodo has posted three Star Wars boomboxes. Hit the break for images of the R2D2 ghetto blaster, and the AT-AT boombox. Continue reading

La Princesse (Spider Robot) – The Big Picture

Giant Robot SpiderThe Big Picture is currently featuring La Princesse – a gigantic robot spider that “invaded” Liverpool, England.

Don’t worrry! The entire thing was a stunt pulled off by a French performance art group La Machine. Hit the break for images of this arachno-spectacle. Continue reading

Painted Castle – Dark Roasted Blend

Painted CastleDark Roasted Blend recently featured a large-scale mural effort on an abandoned castle in Scotland. A Brazilian street art team painted an enormous colorful mural on the side of an abandoned Scottish castle. As you can see from the original article, these artists created a wonderful masterpiece. Continue reading

Something Neat – Unhelpful Tip from Microsoft

Here’s a terrible tip from the Microsoft website:

Windows 2000: How to turn on your firewall

Microsoft AdviceTo find out if you already have a firewall, click Start and then click All Programs, and then look for the word “firewall.”