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Something Neat – Kutiman’s YouTube Mashups

Kutimankutiman brings us some new amazing YouTube music mashups. If you’re a fan of the mashup/DJ style music (including Wax Tailor or Cut Chemist), you’ll get a kick out of these YouTube inspired tracks. Continue reading


Green Sahara – The Big Picture

Green Sahara - Big Picture - IconThe Big Picture has a great article about the photographs of Mike Hettwer. He has documented skeletal remains of two tribes that once lived in a surprisingly fertile part of the Sahara several thousand years ago.  Most of the photographs are of the more notable skeletons of the Sahara’s former inhabitants, though there are some other incredible images to view below. Continue reading

Icon Designer – Cian Walsh

kiwiLooking for a professional to create icons for your application, or to design your application/website interface? Check out Cian Walsh’s website. His icons are full of personality, and are extremely functional. His style reminds me of the clean look of Linux icons (something I miss most after switching from Ubuntu to XP).

He’s got a quite a few articles available for the aspiring icon designer, as well as some free icons for use anywhere.

Kaiju Series – Plastic and Plush

Kaiju Series - Plastic and Plush

Collectible toys are an awesome pasttime – the buying can be expensive but looking is free, right? Godzilla figurines/dioramas got me started on my toy kick, which has moved on to urban vinyl and the like. Needless to say, I’m still on the lookout for Godzilla-themed fun. Plastic and Plush has an article on new Kaiju toys from Red Magic. Definitely adorable, and very colorful…I just hope I can find them in a store so I can look instead of buy  😀