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64 Colors – Marshall the Vinyl Toy

Marshall - 64 ColorsIn December, I took a look at a wonderful poster-making group called 64 Colors. They’ve been up to quite a bit since then, with the creation of a new poster and a new vinyl toy. That’s right, they’ve taken Marshall (their trademark marshmallow man) and transformed him into an adorable vinyl toy. Continue reading


64 Colors – Big Cartel

64 Colors - Big CartelPosters are a decorating blessing in disguise. The obvious downside is the size: you can really only have a few posters up in your home at any given time. That downside is a plus – you only need to find a few good posters to complete the task of personalizing your living space. Finding the best posters that match the things you own becomes a true decorating challenge.

I think I’ve found a source for at least one poster for anyone’s dwelling. 64 Colors (hosted by bigcartel.com) has a variety of adorable food themed posters. These may not be for everyone, but the bright colors and fun theme should lighten up your day.