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Saving the Planet

George Carlin did a bit a few years back about what a ridiculous notion “saving the planet” really is. The planet isn’t in danger, he claimed, and it’s not something that needs saving. If anything, we’re in danger from the planet (natural disasters, disease, etc). Of course, since his act usually revolves around the cranky misanthrope spouting his general hatred for humanity, his act twists from this notion into a hopeful glee that the human race will eventually extinguish from the Earth. (you can never tell if George Carlin is actually misanthropic, but I don’t have the heart to Google “why did George Carlin hate me” to find out). Continue reading


Mio Knight Rider GPS – The Power of Licensing

Mio Knight RiderThere’s a new GPS unit in town – and it’s themed after the original Knight Rider television series. Licensed by Universal Studios, the Mio Knight Rider was announced last year and has recently been released.

The unit has mixed reviews on Amazon. One of the major user complaints is that the unit was loaded with old maps (up-to-date maps should be the focus of an in-car GPS). One user gave the device four stars, but claims it gives incorrect directions.

How could a GPS device packaged with wrong maps and bad software still sell relatively well? Continue reading

Video Games – Are They Really Art?

PassageIn the past few years, there has been a lot of discussion about the place of games in the world of art. This isn’t just a case of watching the latest graphical adventures on our next-gen consoles and swooning over the artwork in the game. Video game graphics are (surprisingly) ignored in the “games as art” debate. Game graphics fall into the classical definition of artisan; a game’s rendered graphics are a craft to be used by the consumer. Rather, it is the content of the game and its interaction with the player that has brought this discussion about. Continue reading

Crates – Video Game Ranting

I found an interesting game review system while perusing the No Twinkie Database. There’s a review system that determines a game’s value by proximity of crates to the start of the game. It’s pretty funny that all of the “reviewed” games fall short in that aspect:
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