Vinyl Toys – Yeti, Bax Bear Custom

albertart_baxbear_iconPlastic and Plush recently posted two incredible vinyl toys. The first is a custom Bax Bear from Albert Art, and the second is available for $90 preorder. Sadly, this pushes both toys far out of reach; their availability does not make them any less notable.

Big Yeti

Big Yeti - Plastic and Plush

The Big Yeti stands 10 inches tall, and comes with a large torch. The torch lights up, probably allowing him to melt his way through glaciers and terrified snowmen. There’s a load of personality built into this snowmonster. The striped-dots covering the body give this yeti a 50s-era cartoon feel, and his facial expression (combined with the torch) is priceless.

Unfortunately, they’re limiting the run to only 1000 pieces – going for $90 each. The price tag usually matches the phrase “limited run”, but that’s no consolidation to interested parties (myself included).

I’m pretty sure he was designed to be the father to the adorable Yeti Qees key chains. They look fairly grumpy, but their father looks like he’s ready to kick down a mountain. If the Big Yeti has sparked your interest, the key chain is a decent consolidation prize:

Bax Bear - Albert Art

Bax Bear - Albert Art

To follow in the theme of interesting vinyl toys that you can’t have, Plastic and Plush also wrote about a personal custom designed from the Bax Bear. According to Albert Art’s blog, the design of the Bax Bear is fairly bad if you’re looking to make a custom – the nose is way too high, and the body rips off several (better) vinyl toys. The product page seems to have a few premade customs, but almost no artist-created custom work.

Albert Art has come up with a fairly outstanding duo of surgeon/patient customs. Bax Bear should consider featuring this set of customs – it might spark some further imagination.

Update [11/7/2008]: The Big Yeti has made it to Uncrate.


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