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Something Neat – Alien VS Predator

Alien vs Predator - Chess

Alien vs Predator - Chess

IO9 had a great take on the “Alien vs Predator” theme recently, with the two moral foes (?) taking eachother on in fairly mild sports, such as tennis and chess. Wallpaper-quality images are available!


Nonesuch by Gummibaehr – DeviantArt

Gummibaehr - DeviantArtThis week’s featured DeviantArt page belongs to Gummibaehr.

Megan Baehr is a cartoonist, but also has an interesting collection of plush characters called “Nonesuch”. Today, we take a look at this collection of adorable plushies. Continue reading

Something Neat – Kutiman’s YouTube Mashups

Kutimankutiman brings us some new amazing YouTube music mashups. If you’re a fan of the mashup/DJ style music (including Wax Tailor or Cut Chemist), you’ll get a kick out of these YouTube inspired tracks. Continue reading

Ness Munny – AlbertArt

Ness - AlbertArtAlbertArt brings us another inspired Munny custom, this time focusing the video-game spotlight on Earthbound’s Ness. This custom “sheds his ‘goody-goody’ persona” in favor of a more Dennis the Menace style. Continue reading

Something Neat – Asthma Rancor and Pet AT-AT

I found a few fun Star Wars themed photos on NickIsConfused’s Flickr gallery Continue reading

64 Colors – Marshall the Vinyl Toy

Marshall - 64 ColorsIn December, I took a look at a wonderful poster-making group called 64 Colors. They’ve been up to quite a bit since then, with the creation of a new poster and a new vinyl toy. That’s right, they’ve taken Marshall (their trademark marshmallow man) and transformed him into an adorable vinyl toy. Continue reading

MoonYen – DeviantArt

Moon Yen - DeviantArtThis week’s featured DeviantArt page belongs to MoonYen.

MoonYen has been a DeviantArt member for two years, and has been perfecting her tiny knit bunny creations.

MoonYen’s Amigurumi are adorable in their simplicity. Hit the break for some of my favorites. Continue reading