Harlancore’s Boxpunx – Marvel Papercraft

Boxpunx - WolverineThrough the Cubeecraft blog, I stumbled upon a neat papercraft series called Boxpunx. (If you haven’t subscribed to the Cubeecraft RSS feed, I highly suggest doing so.)

A crazy papercraft Wolverine is only one of many Marvel characters to be featured in the highly-unique Boxpunx style. Currently, the series has 24 members, and I anticipate more are to come.

Series 1

Boxpunx - BeastBoxpunx - Cyclops
Boxpunx - Professor XBoxpunx - Spiderman

There are really only two patterns here: normal and large. Each Marvel hero is translated into the Boxpunx style. This mechanism reminds me of blindbox Munny customs, where the base model is altered into something new by way of colors and patterns. With an extendable tongue, it would be hard not to love them when you start crafting.

Series 2

Boxpunx - ThingBoxpunx - Human Torch
Boxpunx - NightcrawlerBoxpunx - Daredevil

The coloration on these Marvel characters is top-notch. As  you’re making your brand-new Marvel toys (I assume you’ve picked up your scissors by now!), you’ll notice all the extra little details in these characters. I’ve included my favorite nine in this post, but to be fair, all twenty four are worth considering.

Like Cubeecraft, Boxpunx uses a wide range of cultural references when creating these toys. Harlancore’s website features more patterns outside this Marvel series, so if you like the general Boxpunx style, the other patterns may spark some interest. And these fun papercraft toys aren’t the only content on that website. Artwork, papercraft customs, and custom fonts await!


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